My practice includes estate planning and probate work.  I write simple wills and wills with trusts for minor children, as well as ancillary documents for disability such as powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney and advance directives to physicians.  I am also well-versed in Texas probate procedures and alternatives to probate.  Further, I can help with legal guardianships and simple real estate transactions.

Power of Attorney
Medical Power of Attorney
Directive to Physicians (Living Will)
Declaration of Guardian
Declaration of Guardian for Children

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Estate Planning Documents: I charge $800 for an individual’s will and $1400 for a married couple’s wills – each spouse has a separate will – and $100 for each additional document.  Additional documents are those discussed above, including powers of attorneys, medical powers of attorneys, advance directives, declaration of guardians, and designations of guardian for minor children.

Estate Planning – The Whole Package: If an individual would like a will and all additional documents, my fee is $1000. If a married couple would like a will and all additional documents, my fee is $1600.

Trusts: I also do revocable living trusts for those who want to set them up – after consultation I can give you some insight as to whether this might be a good idea for you or not.  If you decide to set up a trust, there will be additional fees – including fees for drafting deeds to transfer your property into the trust – that I can explain if you decide to go that route.

Probate: I charge $2600 for probating a will in Dallas County. The Dallas County Probate Court costs and other required fees will be an additional fee – usually around $500, give or take.

Alternatives to Probate Procedures: If the estate you are involved in qualifies for an alternative process such as a Small Estate Affidavit, Muniment of Title, Determination of Heirship or Affidavit of Heirship, we can discuss fees for these processes, as they vary.

Guardianships: I charge $4000 for a guardianship in Dallas County. The Dallas County Probate Court costs and other required fees will be an additional fee – usually around $1200, give or take.

Miscellaneous: I also have a background in real estate law and am also able to draft Texas warranty deeds, special warranty deeds and quit claims. My fee is $350 per deed or quit claim. I can also help with leases, liens, notes and releases. These charges will vary depending on the circumstances.