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ALSO ANSWERS TO: Mommy, Meemo, Mo and “M”

ORIGIN: Santa Fe, NM

CREDENTIALS: Bachelor of Journalism, with honors, from the University of Texas at Austin, 1999; Juris Doctor, with honors, from Texas Tech University School of Law, 2004. Practiced law in a small law firm in Lubbock, a large law firm in Seattle and a giant corporation in Dallas. Started my own practice in 2008 and have been on my own since

MAY BE SEEN: Running at White Rock Lake; Cooking up a new recipe; Hanging out on the back patio with her family; Admiring architecture; Playing with her kids and Wheaten Terrier

OTHER SKILLS: President of the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA and 39th Annual Lakewood Home Festival, 2015-16; Organizing anything; Doing five to ten to twenty things at once; Trash talking during board games or cards


CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Dark chocolate; iPhone; Laughing with her kids; Her amazing family of friends; Dark chocolate; Her husband’s smile and his amazing ability to make fun of her and always make her laugh; Her kid’s hugs and kisses, and… dark chocolate

CHALLENGES: Resisting a second helping of just about anything; Being a perfectionist

ENEMIES: Cubicles, bad drivers, mosquitoes, and traffic

HEROES: Her husband for supporting her ambition to do just about anything

How I Got Started

Toward the end of my first pregnancy it occurred to me that my husband and I should probably have a will once the baby was born in order to appoint a guardian for him and make sure he was taken care of. I mean, we are both attorneys and I thought it might be a little hypocritical if something happened to us and we didn’t have a will to protect our family! So I set out to write one.

Once our wills were drafted, we asked our neighbors to act as witnesses. They were a young couple, just like us, with a one-year-old baby girl. While we were signing, they said, “Hey, we need one of these, too.” I mentioned my will to a few other couple-friends and the response was the same: “We have been meaning to get a will, but just haven’t gotten around to it,” or “We need a will, but didn’t know where to get one,” or even more often, “We didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg to some big law firm to get a will and we didn’t trust the wills that you can buy online.”

Meanwhile, my maternity leave was up and I was doing the “mommy-shuffle,” going back to work. I absolutely hated dropping my baby off each day to go work in a giant skyscraper for a giant insurance corporation as an in-house attorney. Everyday I looked out of my big windows and wished I was doing something more worthwhile and that I could also see my baby more.

And then it hit me. I love probate work — it was by far my favorite part of the work that I did in my practice. And I love being a mom, meeting other mothers and supporting one another as we learn and grow with our babies. More and more friends and friends-of-friends said they needed a will in order to make sure they appointed a guardian for their new babies. And I realized that I could do this service for them!

I started my solo practice out of my home, drafting wills and trusts for young families. I drafted simple wills and trusts and also powers of attorney, advance directives, medical powers of attorney, and designations of guardian before the need arises.

And, over the years, I have gained a lot of experience in probate and now guardianships before the Dallas County Probate Courts. Every case is a new journey and I enjoy working with my clients so much.

They say “Having a baby changes everything.” It is true, in so many ways. I love my job now — working for myself and helping people with legal issues with a more comfortable approach. It brings me so much happiness – I get to spend so much more time with my kids by working out of my home and I feel like my service is valuable — I am helping new families plan for the future and tie up estates when they are grieving.